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Is the “Music Office” same as the “Music Office” set up in 1977 with a different Chinese name?


The Music Office is the same office set up in 1977 despite a slightly different Chinese name. It has been managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department since 1 January 2000.

What courses are offered to members of the public by the Music Office?


The Music Office’s Instrumental Music Training Scheme (IMTS) provides instrumental training from beginners' to Advanced Year-3 level for people aged between six and 23, and its Outreach Music Interest Courses (OIC) provides short-term fundamental music training for people of all ages.

Where can I obtain pamphlets and application forms of Music Office’s various music training programmes?


Information pamphlets and application forms of various music training programmes can be downloaded from the Music Office's website or obtained from our music centres during the recruitment period.

How can I get the latest information on activities of the Music Office?


The Music Office regularly updates the information on its website.

How many music centres are there under the Music Office?


There are altogether five music centres under the Music Office.