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What is Musicianship Course? Why are trainees required to take the course?


Musicianship Course is a foundation music training programme which covers areas like music theory, aural training, sight-singing, music appreciation and improvisation. We arrange instrumental trainees to attend this course in order to increase their knowledge in music with a view to enhancing their efficiency in learning musical instruments.

Can non-Music Office trainees enrol in the Musicianship Course, Music Theory Course, and Aural Training Course?


The Musicianship Course and Aural Training Course of the Music Office are restricted to trainees of the Instrumental Music Training Scheme, while the Grade 5 and Grade 8 Music Theory Courses are open for application by members of our bands/orchestras/choirs. The Aural Training Course is mainly organised for trainees who are sitting for examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) to be held between September and December in the same year. The musical instruments concerned must be the ones they are studying at the Music Office. Any remaining places will then be open to other trainees who are not sitting for the ABRSM examinations, but wish to receive Grade 6 to Grade 8 aural training.

When can one apply for the Aural Training Course and Music Theory Course?


The two courses are open for application around May to June every year. Applicants may enquire about the details at our music centres or visit our website around that period of time.

How does the Music Office select trainees for the Music Theory Course and Aural Training Course?


Trainees for the Music Theory Course are selected based on the qualifications they have attained on music theory, while the Aural Training Course is offered on a first come, first served basis.

What are the fees for individual courses?


The elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of the Musicianship Course and Aural Training Course are offered free of charge. The fee for the five-month Grade 5 Music Theory Course is HK$1,200, while that for the nine-month Grade 8 course is HK$2,925.

Are parents allowed to stay with their children during class for the Musicianship Course?


In principle, parents are not advised to stay with their children during class owing to the limitation of space.