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When will the recruitment of band/orchestra and choir members take place?


Recruitment of new members for the 18 bands/orchestras (Chinese, string, wind, and symphony) and two choirs (children's choir and youth choir) under the Music Office takes place in April each year. Interested parties may visit our website or obtain a prospectus specifying the entry requirements and application details for individual bands/orchestras/choirs from our music centres during the recruitment period. Qualified applicants will be invited to attend an audition, and those who are accepted for admission will receive weekly training from September to May next year.

What are the entry requirements for the bands/orchestras/choirs?


Successful applicants must be aged 25 or under and meet the specific requirements of the respective bands/orchestras/choirs in relation to age, musical attainment, and choral experience (for choirs).

What are the charges for ensemble training?


Ensemble training is offered free of charge. Members, however, are required to bring their own musical instruments (except bulky ones) and purchase uniform and music scores (for choirs) at their own expense.

What activities or performance opportunities are offered to members of the bands/orchestras/choirs?


In addition to regular rehearsals, bands/orchestras/choirs will have opportunities to perform in different community events and take part in music exchanges with visiting young musicians from the Mainland and overseas countries. Advanced level bands/orchestras/choirs may also be selected for exchange performances to be held on the Mainland or in overseas countries.

Where will the ensemble training be conducted?


Training will be conducted at designated music centres in various districts.