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Innovative Music Making: MO x e-Orch


Music training.Ensemble playing.Collaborative creation

A brand-new MO x e-Orch music training programme aiming to promote the integration of music and technology will launch in the academic year 2022-23. Participating students will form e-Orch (digital music orchestras), learn and create music together with the application of tablets. After the training, the e-Orch members will have a live performance with the trainees of the Instrumental Music Training Scheme of the Music Office.

Date October 2022 to July 2023
Target Primary 4 to 6 / Secondary 1 to 3
No. of Students 20 students / school
Programme Instructor Teaching team led by Dr. Leung Chi-hin, Assistant Professor of the Education University of Hong Kong
Programme Fee $8,000 / school

Programme Prospectus
Application Form(Application will close by 18 July 2022)

Important Dates

Items Date
Application Deadline 18 July 2022
Acknowledgement of Application 21 July 2022, 5pm
(If any school does not receive the Acknowledgement of Application by 21 July, please check with the Music Office by 5pm on this day.)
Online interview with schools 9 or 10 August 2022
Result Announcement Before 9 September 2022
Payment Deadline On or before 3 October 2022

The Music Office reserves the right to change the programme and its relevant arrangements.

Enquiries 2158 6467 / 3842 7776
In collaboration with


Programme Content

  • To grasp the basic musical knowledge including pitch, melody, rhythm, harmony, tonality, form and texture etc.
  • To develop the performance and ensemble skills through performing arranged/ commissioned repertories of e-Orch in ensemble training
  • To learn the musical elements including contrast, structure, expression and style through music creation activities
  • To form e-Orch and perform in the finale concert
  • To enhance students’ performance experience and allow the students to understand the intonation and playing techniques of acoustic musical instruments through the joint performance with the Chinese/ Western instrumental ensembles of the Music Office in a live concert
  • Awards will be presented at the Finale Concert to participating schools and students


Programme Schedule

The programme consists of four modules, takes place between October 2022 to July 2023:

  Date Session Venue Content
Module 1
Ensemble Performance
October to December 2022 8 sessions
1.5 hrs/ session
On-campus Learn solid musical knowledge, different musical instruments, timbres and musical styles through progressive ensemble performance exercises with the application of tablets.
Module 2
Collaborative Creation
January to April 2023 8 sessions
1.5 hrs/ session
On-campus Learn how to apply various musical elements and enjoy the joy of collaborative creation.
Module 3
Concert Rehearsal
May to June 2023 4 sessions
1.5 hrs/ session
On-campus Form an e-Orch and participate in the joint rehearsals with the Chinese music ensemble / string ensemble of the Music Office.
Module 4
Finale Concert
15 July 2023
7:30pm (tentative)
1 concert Kwai Tsing Theatre
  • Première of students’ original e-Orch compositions
  • Performance of the arranged/ commissioned e-Orch works with the Music Office’s music ensembles
  • Award ceremony

The Music Office will notify the selected schools of the programme schedule with detailed arrangements of the programme.
The Music Office reserves the right to change the programme and its relavant arrangements.


Deadline: 18 July 2022 (Mon)

  1. Complete the application form and submit via email (Email address: moarttech@lcsd.gov.hk) or fax (Fax no: 3104 1352).
  2. The Music Office will acknowledge the school applications by e-mail. If any school does not receive the Acknowledgement of Application by 21 July (Thu), please check with the Music Office by 5pm on this day.


Required equipment

School Each participating student
• Computer with internet access
• Projector and screen
• 1M 3.5mm aux audio cable
• PA System with 3.5mm jack input
• i-Pad (with iPadOS 15 or later)
• Portable speaker (with 3.5 jack input)

Selection Criteria

If the programme is oversubscribed, the teaching team of the Education University of Hong Kong will shortlist schools according to the information stated on the application form. Only shortlisted schools will be invited to attend the online interview in early August. The schools should provide a brief overview of the school facilities and other required information during the interview. Schools will be notified of the selection results and the arrangement of the programme before 9 September (Fri).


Programme Fee

Selected schools are required to pay the programme fee of $8,000 by 3 October (Mon) according to the payment details stated on the successful notification. All fees paid are non-refundable.



The following awards will be decided by the professional adjudication panel and presented in the Finale Concert as encouragement:

Best e-Orch Performance Award Best Original e-Orch Composition Award Best e-Orch Student Award
School with the most outstanding performance in the concert School with the creative excellence in their original e-Orch composition Nominated by the programme instructors and the school music teachers for the best e-Orch member from each school

Each participating school and student will be awarded a certificate of participation as a token of gratitude.


Points to note

1. The Music Office shall have the absolute discretion to use any photograph, recordings or videos of the programme for any lawful purposes including advertising and promotion of the event.
2. Should there be disputes, the Music Office reserves the right to the final decision.