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Junk! Woodworking  
Presenter: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organiser: Art Promotion Office
Tens of thousands of trees, including a number of old and valuable trees, were toppled by Typhoon Mangkhut in September last year. To utilise and recycle the huge amount of fallen trees, Art Promotion Office joins hands with Hong Kong Sculpture and One Bite Foundation Association to upcycle these wood waste and create different types of sculptures, furniture and art installations.

The project ‘Junk! Woodworking' is composed of four episodes. The first episode ‘Junk! Woodworking: Exhibition at Hong Kong Flower Show 2019' was completed in March. The second episode ‘Fallen Trees, Rising Hope', is launched in Sha Tin Park from May onwards, displaying ten sets of wooden sculptures by members of the Hong Kong Sculpture. The third episode ‘Adopt a Log Brainstorming Session' will be held during the Muse Fest HK. The final episode ‘Adopt a Log' school project will be launched soon after the Brainstorming Session. Please follow and stay tuned to our Facebook page for details. 

Wasted? Not wasted! Useless? Useful! Everything in the world should have its meaning and purpose. Let us explore different ways of reusing the junk wood pieces in the spirit of making use of the useless.

The first episode: Junk! Woodworking: Exhibition at Hong Kong Flower Show 2019

In this exhibition, sculptors Danny Lee and Ho Yuen-leung led 28 Hong Kong Sculpture members and graduates of Advance Specialist Course (Sculpture) 2018-2019 of vA! and showcased 21 sets of wooden sculpture. Under the theme of ‘Fruit', their works were inspired by the unique materials, forms and patterns of the wood logs and demonstrate their astonishing skills in shaping, carving and smoothening.

Designer Dylan Kwok and One Bite Foundation Association introduced and demonstrated the way to upcycle the tree trunk: after the bark was removed, wooden logs assembled together and became ‘Wonsters' (wooden monsters) by adding legs and eyes. If you would like to have a robust and durable bench, a set of metal frames could be put in the tree trunk for sitting and air-drying simultaneously.

Exhibition date and time: 15-24.3.2019
Venue: Central Lawn of Victoria Park, Hong Kong



The second episode: Fallen Trees, Rising Hope

Fallen wood is not equivalent to wood waste. It can be transformed and reborn in sculptors' hands. After the exhibition at Hong Kong Flower Show 2019, ten sets of wooden sculptures by members of the Hong Kong Sculptures have been relocated and displayed in Sha Tin Park. Park users appreciate and enjoy the artworks is a kind of way to continue life of fallen trees.
Venue: Sha Tin Park
Opening time: 6:30am to 11pm
Please click here to download artwork descriptions and location map


The third episode: Adopt a Log Brainstorming Session
This programme will include a sharing hosted by special guests and a wood craft workshop led by local artists to explore different ways of reusing the junk wood pieces in the spirit of making use of the useless. After the workshop, participants can take their works home as souvenir, and join the brainstorming session of 'Adopt a Log' school project!
Date: Jun 23 (Sun)
Time: 2:30pm - 5 pm
Venue: Oi!


The fourth episode: Adopt a Log School Project
'Adopt A Log' is an educational programme for local primary and secondary schools to adopt tree logs and place it in their schools. The programme consists of the following three parts:
1. A log should be taken care in the span of a year. 
2. Different workshops and talks will be held in the span of the first quarter of the year to allow teachers to understand and learn more about the characteristics of tree logs. 
3. At a later stage of adoption, teachers and students will be able to create their own products from the log, in the hope that this step of reutilisation will bring an awareness of the upcycle process of tree logs and the appreciation towards our nature. 
Project duration: August to November 2019
Target participant: Local primary and secondary schools with covered playground




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