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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Artist: Dio Wong 
Artwork Location: Mammal Enclosure (near Education and Exhibition Centre)  
"I cannot recall much about the Gardens. It just seems to be a colonial symbol that has been fading progressively, a prosperous and expensive piece of real estate which can disappear at any time. But it is here that I have found the allegory of the difference between real freedom and comfortable stability in life."
Artist Dio Wong is most interested in the fauna at the Gardens. To him, those animals are living in a make-believe wonderland just like modern-day people living within their comfort zones, satisfied with their existence and oblivious of the constraints by invisible rules. People can only regain their freedom of thought by remaining curious about their surroundings and questioning things that happen around them. Wong proposes a means to understanding the relationship between the city and the Gardens by extrapolating concepts he formulated through long on-site observations to various issues in life and society nowadays. Through the two sets of video installations Wong has installed, visitors may discover a new perspective on their current lives from the interactive process.
Artist Biography:
Wong studied spatial design at Caritas Bianchi College of Careers and obtained his Degree of Digital Media from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the founder of 430 Limited, a Hong Kong-based studio working on new media, interactive art and spatial design. Wong enjoys creating works that allow audiences to participate and experience. Latest exhibitions include ZOOMING OUT – A Solo Exhibition at Lumenvisum in 2017 and Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival in 2018 and 2019 with his works URBANSCRAPE and Hello! Stranger respectively.





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