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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Explore Hong Kong Nature in HKZBG!
Art Group: &dear
Artwork Location: Scattered in the Gardens
"The Gardens is possibly the first impression most children in Hong Kong have of a zoo, and it was no different for us. We have been fond of animals since we were children, when our parents and schools brought us here. The park is therefore a place filled with childhood memories."
Apart from the animals and birds kept by the Gardens, traces of other lodgers can also be found here. The art group &dear, whose main creative direction is animal conservation, has painted at different spots in the Gardens a series of mini murals of some of the guest fauna, to allow young visitors to better understand the ecology of this ‘urban forest'. The group has also designed an animal directory that helps visitors locate these boarders within the Gardens to experience its biodiversity.
Click here to download the animal directory.

Artist Group Biography:
&dear is an art group founded by Tsui Chee-yee and Aimee Mak. Tsui graduated from the London College of Communication with a BA in Graphic Design, while Mak graduated from the Syracuse University with a BFA in Communications Design. They envision animals and humans to live in harmony and respect, and would like to take the public on a journey to explore more about the animals. Latest artworks include Plasticated Life, an upcycled art installation in Design Inspire in 2019, and Plasticataed Life – peafowl, also an upcycled work in the Celebrate Living exhibition at HOUSE 1881 in 2020. Throughout the upcycling creation, they hope to give a new look to the wastes collected so as to inspire more upcycling possibilities.







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