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Augmented Reality Public Art Initiative  

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Hang Seng Management College, School of Humanities and Social Science
Jointly organised by the Art Promotion Office and Hang Seng Management College, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural and Creative Industries Programme

As Augmented Reality (AR) mobile games prevail globally, there is also a gradual increase in the application of AR technology in new media art creation. As artists superimpose multiple visual elements like 3D images and animation on geographic coordinate systems, viewers can enjoy synchronized interaction with the virtual images in reality settings through mobile devices.

In this project, 8 local and overseas artists have been invited to use AR technology to imagine and re-create their experience of Hang Seng Management College campus and other city locations in Hong Kong, as an exploration of AR technology's application potential in the cityscape. The invited artists are Tamiko Thiel, Desmond Hui, Chris Cheung, Helen Pun, Phoebe Man, Ellen Pau, Cédric Maridet and John Craig Freeman. We encourage you to download our mobile app, and try to find the corresponding AR artworks by visiting the two aforementioned locations. Let's discover more creative public spaces!

Exhibition period: from 24.3.2018 onwards
Venues: Hang Seng Management College and and other city locations in Hong Kong
APO Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1666521406761929/
Facebook page of Hang Seng Management College: www.facebook.com/bacci.hsmc/


Gardens of the Anthropocene by Tamiko Thiel

AR artwork by John Craig Freeman



Please refer to the map below for the artwork details:
(We recommend browsing with Google Chrome for the best result)

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