Live Music Accompaniment

Maud Nelissen

Maud Nelissen is a composer, pianist and film accompanist that is internationally renowned. In recent years she has devoted more and more time to composing (silent) film music. Maud Nelissen respects the original 1910's and 20's styles, but develops and blends these with her own modern inventions. She also founded her own silent film ensemble “The Sprockets” and together they performed in many film concerts. In 2010 Maud worked succesfully together with the Cello8ctet Amsterdam in a silent film programme which toured throughout Holland.

Robert Ellis-Geiger

Robert Ellis-Geiger is an award winning film composer, performer (vocal/piano/trumpet), sound academic and audio engineering consultant. Robert’s film credits as composer include Patrick Tam’s After This Our Exile (2006) and Johnnie To’s Election 2 (2006). Since 1995, he has been experimenting with creative music production techniques for spatial audio and presenting his findings at international conferences. Robert is also a feature film composer of diverse styles (orchestral, pop, folk, jazz, world music) who combines acoustic instruments ranging from full orchestra to small electric ensembles. He also frequently combines acoustic instruments with computergenerated instruments, synthesis and sound design.

Wong Yan-kwai and friends

Film art director, painter and musician in one, Wong Yan-kwai has been active in the both film and music scenes and have over the years developed a keen interest in performing live for silent films. His innovative attempts in working out sounds that fits the right genre and right era outstands him and his friends as a group that treats films and music with passion. Yan-kwai’s key partners include Billy Hung, Neil ART, Edmund Leung and Lau Chi-bun.

Kung Chi-shing

Kung Chi-shing is a composer, performer and music activist based in Hong Kong. Since 2009he founded and curated the ‘Street Music Series’ of free public concerts, which is still running regularly today at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Kung focuses on experimentation with different formats, including pop, classical and improvisational music and theatre art. Since 1996 he has created, composed and staged six full-length music theatre pieces and has performed his music worldwide. He shall team up with percussionist Shane Aspegren in the Film Archive’s performance in January.

Shane Aspegren

Shane Aspegren is an American-born musician, sound artist & producer. Apart from creating soundtracks & sound design for art, film, fashion and theatre, he has made dozens of studio records and toured the world with his own projects. For the past decade he has functioned as half of the internationally acclaimed Franco-American duo The Berg Sans Nipple, developing a style that combines brut polyrhythms & hypnotic, spaced-out analogue electronics. They have played hundreds of concerts from Russia to Brazil. In 2013, he launched Bellows Limited to bring a new perspective on music production & curation to Hong Kong.

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