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Programme Highlights
Nederlands Dans Theater 1
($200, $350, $450, $550)
11-12 Nov 2017 (Sat to Sun)
‘The Carnival of the Animals’ by Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra
($100, $120, $140, $160)
7-8 Oct 2017 (Sat to Sun)
The Stars, the Silver Screen and the Qipao
From now until 1 Jan 2018
'From Puppets to Humans' Series: 'CELL', co-produced by Smoking Apples and Dogfish (United Kingdom)
($160, $220)
10-12 Nov 2017 (Fri-Sun)
World Cultures Festival 2017
20 Oct to 19 Nov 2017
The Art-Tune Encounter: A Gramophone Remembrance of Hong Kong and Shanghai
From now until 30 Nov 2017
Chinese Film Panorama 2017
From now until 22 Oct 2017
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Hall of Mental Cultivation of The Palace Museum - Imperial Residence of Eight Emperors
From now until 15 Oct 2017
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Longevity and Virtues: Birthday Celebrations of the Qing Emperors and Empress Dowagers
($20 )
From now until 9 Oct 2017
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Eternal Life - Exploring Ancient Egypt
From now until 18 Oct 2017
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