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Programme Highlights
Zoological Education Exhibition 2017 – "Animals & Plants: Best Partners in Nature"
2 Dec 2017 to 16 Jan 2018
Christmas Family Screen 2017
23-31 Dec 2017
“Passing on the Torch” Concert Series- Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra
($50, $70, $90)
3 Dec 2017 (Sun)
‘Cheers!’ Series: 'Wi Wa Wit' by Rauher Engel (The Netherlands)
($180, $200)
29 Dec 2017 to 1 Jan 2018 (Fri-Mon)
Sparkle! Neo Travel: Creative and Cultural Docent@ Community
13 Oct 2017 to 7 Jan 2018
‘Cheers!’ Series: 'The Legendary Swordsman' by Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater Co., Ltd.
($140, $200, $240, $280)
23-25 Dec 2017 (Sat-Mon)
Critics' Choice 2017 : Cinema of Occultism
From now until 21 Jan 2018
"Explore Our Heritage" Permanent Exhibition
Permanent Exhibition
Braving Untold Dangers: War Correspondents
From now until 31 Jan 2018
The Stars, the Silver Screen and the Qipao
From now until 1 Jan 2018
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