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"Fitness walking" is a mobile application tool developed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, to enable members of the public access to the 33 nos. Fitness Walking track in 18 districts and encourage them to establish a healthy lifestyle through regular physical exercise. Major functions include:

    • Quick search to the 33 nos. Fitness Walking track in 18 districts
    • Navigation to nearest Fitness Walking track through GPS
    • What is fitness walking? How can it benefit your health?
    • Equipment and preparation before Fitness Walking
    • Support users to set up his/her personal profile for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI), Calories Consumption in walking, Calculation of Target Training Heart Rate , and Daily Steps
    • Users can save walking records and share to popular social media
    • Link to LCSD website www.lcsd.gov.hk for viewing other information of recreation and sports activities

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