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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Delegation to the 7th National Intercity Games *
Establishment of the HKSAR Delegation
Introduction to the 7th National Intercity Games (7th NIG)
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Introduction to the 7th National Intercity Games (7th NIG)

The Emblem, Mascot and Theme Slogan of the 7th NIG

Description of the Design of the Emblem

The 7th NIG Emblem depicts the Arabic numeral “7” with seven flying birds and a three-coloured rainbow in the shape of athletic tracks, manifesting the Games’ focus on sports, the passion, the emphasis on modern style and the auspicious elegance. 

The beautiful curve of the rainbow embodies the tension of dynamic movement and its fantastic colours denote a swift rhythm.  This rainbow highlights the civilisation and cultural history of Nanchang, which takes up the roles of the Hero City, the Energetic City and the Green City.  It showcases the unique characteristics of competitive sports, in which athletes display sportsmanship by striving to be faster, higher and stronger. 

The seven flying birds symbolise propitiousness, presenting a picture of victories on the sports fields and huge crowds of cheering spectators.  The flying birds bring to people in every corner of the country and all over the world a prosperous new Nanchang City as well as the joyous and festive atmosphere of the 7th NIG, and build a new climax of sport for all.  

A rainbow hanging over the Ganjiang River with flying birds warmly welcoming guests from all over the world signifies an assembly of friendship and hope, and underlines the indomitable spirit and honour to be seen in the host city.  Apart from depicting the numeral “7”, the 7th NIG Emblem also conveys the messages of green games and harmonious games, vividly outlining a blueprint for robust sports development in cities across the country.

Mascot “Popo”

“Popo”, a benevolent and propitious crane full of joy and energy, is the mascot of the 7th NIG.

The name “Popo” is inspired by the Poyang Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in China.  It underlines the fact that the 7th NIG will be held in the picturesque lakeside city of Nanchang, and foretells the characters of the 7th NIG as a green sports event recognised for its eco-friendliness, low carbon footprint and consciousness of health.

Giving the “V” victory sign with both hands and dipping its legs into the fresh water of the Poyang Lake, “Popo” spreads its wings and is ready to fly.  The image resembles a warm hug welcoming leaders and friends to Nanchang City.  “Popo” represents the qualities of sanctity, gracefulness and longevity.  It symbolises athletes paying tribute to life and bravely facing up to challenges in a show of sportsmanship.  At the same time, “Popo” also reflects the host city’s high expectation of the 7th NIG, exuding the unique charisma of the 7th NIG as the grand stage for athletes from all cities in the country.

“Popo” displays the virtues of elegancy, purity and sanctity.  In ancient China, crane was the avatar of the King’s parents, who were more majestic than the King.  “Popo” is self-disciplined, and is always civilised, upright, trustworthy and polite, no matter whether it is taking the role of a player or a spectator.

Theme Slogan - "Red City, Green Games"

This slogan epitomises a close tie between the “Hero City” of Nanchang and the “7th NIG”.  The red colour, which symbolises enthusiasm and passion, and the green colour, which symbolises youth and vitality, are employed to describe the city and the NIG respectively.   Nanchang is also an ecological city devoted to the development of science and the emerging green economy.  Against the background that Nanchang is a core city of the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone and the fact that the 7th NIG are designed for the participation of young athletes, the use of the green colour to define the Games is very much in line with the nature of the 7th NIG and the modern development trend.  The 7th NIG will certainly be incorporated into the sports history book of the People’s Republic of China as a special green intercity event.

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