Code on Access to Information

  1. The department has designated an Access to Information Officer who is responsible for ensuring that requests for information under the Code on Access to Information are properly dealt with in accordance with the specified procedure.

  2. Requests for information or records held by the department may be made by letter or application form. The application form can be obtained from/through :

    1. Departmental Webpage
    2. 18 District Leisure Services Offices
    3. Major venues
    4. Reception Counter on 13/F, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters, 1 - 3 Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin, N.T.
    5. Customer Service Hotline : 2414 5555
  3. The letter or completed application form can be submitted either in person; by mail; by fax or email to the Access to Information Officer. For details, please refer to the webpage

  4. Other than publications which are available free of charge, or at a cost specified, photocopying charge will be levied for photocopying black and white in relation to your application. Applicant will be advised in advance of the charge to be levied.

    List of Records by Category

    List of Available Information

  5. Disclosure Log

    The disclosure log provides summary descriptions of the nature of information requested and released under the Code on Access to Information (“the Code”) by this department. The disclosure log will be updated on a quarterly basis.

    If any member of the public wishes to obtain any information listed in the disclosure log, an information request should be made to our Access to Information Officer. Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Code.