About Hong Kong Week


With the enthusiastic feedback from the Taiwanese public, and the support from the arts communities in Hong Kong and Taiwan, ‘Hong Kong Week’ is proud to enter its sixth edition. While the previous editions centred on breadth in promoting cultural and artistic exchange between the two regions, this year we focus on depth as the point of departure and music as the axis, transcending geographical and artistic boundaries, to bring out the theme of ‘Music Transcends’.

The thematic programme Music Transcends - Proms in the Park is the first large-scale outdoor proms ever presented for this annual cultural exchange feast, and this music marathon is set to light up the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Five distinctive Hong Kong performing arts groups – City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Lo Tung Lo Percussion Group, R&T (Rhythm & Tempo), Romer String Quartet and Veloz Harmonica Quartet will thrill the audience with eclectic musical offerings, as they share the stage with their Taiwan counterparts and members of the other groups. The concert will feature a riveting finale performance by Eugene Pao, an acclaimed international jazz musician. Do not miss the spontaneous and interactive fringe activities before the concert!

The cinematic musical journey Hong Kong Episodes will illuminate Hong Kong’s ever-changing urban sensibility through music and visuals: its beautiful cityscape, fast-paced lifestyle, avenues for spiritual retreat, and unique heritage and culture. The two talented artists and creators of the work, Teriver Cheung and Fung Lam, will bring jazz and classical music together in an electrifying encounter.

A creative collaboration between composer and multi-media artist GayBird and Golden Horse-winning director Tsai Ming-liang, One Zero transcends the boundaries between music and images, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It searches for the original attributes of art and emotion symbolised by ‘1’ and ‘0’, the binary language of computer. The music and images enrich and complete each other, weaving a richly textured portrayal of people passing by and entangling with one another in the city.

On the exhibition front, the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association will organise the 20 Years of Hong Kong Game X Music. Through exhibition, mini-concert and other interactive showcases, the event offers a retrospective look at the important milestones in the development of Hong Kong games over the past 20 years.

We hope this evocation of Hong Kong’s sensibility through the spectrum of music will continue to promote collaboration and exchange between Hong Kong and Taiwan, and lead the Taiwanese public to see the diverse cultural facets of Hong Kong from another perspective. We look forward to meeting you again from 24 November to 3 December this year!

Convenor of Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee
Fredric Mao Chun-fai

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