“Hong Kong Week” made its debut last year in Taipei with “Culture & Creativity” as the inaugural theme. Diverse talents from the Hong Kong artistic community joined hands with their Taiwanese counterparts and ignited new creative sparks, bringing an array of drama, dance and music performances, a comic exhibition and a film showcase to audiences in Taipei. In addition to giving audiences a taste of Hong Kong’s cultural diversity and dynamism, the event also laid the groundwork for a cultural exchange platform between the two regions.

The support and participation from Taiwanese artists and audiences alike during "Hong Kong Week 2012" was indeed encouraging. Apart from seeing full houses for some of the performances, the overwhelming audience response was most unforgettable. Their passion for the arts was strong and not even the pouring rain deterred them from supporting the performers.

This very passion has given us the momentum to carry on and we are proud to present “Hong Kong Week 2013” with “Legacies and Innovations” as its central theme. This year, we have prepared an artistic and cultural feast with flavours from both the past and present. Through exhibitions of history and contemporary art, design and comic arts, as well as exciting performances by two of Hong Kong’s most flagship arts groups, we will be showing you a Hong Kong's rich culture and unlimited in creativity.

The Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee was formed in 2010 with the primary objective of promoting cultural exchange, connection and collaboration between the two regions. Thanks to the dedicated support of our partners from both sides, we were able to build the foundation of this exchange platform with the inaugural edition of “Hong Kong Week” in 2012.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this year’s fantastic line-up in Taipei – let us join hands in supporting “Hong Kong Week” so that the seeds we have sown my soon blossom!

Convenor of Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee
Fredric Mao Chun-fai