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A Torn Lily

A Torn Lily

Dir/Scr: Yuen Yang-an
Prod Co: Great Wall
Cast: Hsia Moon, Sun Zhijun, Li Ciyu, Ping Fan, Shek Hwei
1953 B&W D Beta Mandarin
Eng subtitles (In Part) 120 min

Jiao Guiying (Hsia Moon), daughter of an official who was murdered by a corrupt minister, was reduced to plying her trade in a brothel since young. Upon meeting Wang Kui (Ping Fan), she bails herself out and marries the impoverished scholar. Leading a poor but blissful existence, Jiao empties her savings to fund Wang's trip with their servant Wang Zhong (Su Qin) to the capital to sit the imperial exams. Yet Wang, the newly crowned Number One Scholar, reneges on his promises to avenge her father's death and honour his wife, leaving Jiao desolate and devastated with her old friend Ju (Shek Hwei) as the only solace. The story of the ungrateful scholar who betrays his sacrificial wife may appear all too familiar but this 1953 version takes on a new political overtone in today's context: those who betray and deceive for their selfish gains will earn a swift comeuppance in return.

Date Time Location
5/9/2015 (Sat) 4:45pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
20/9/2015 (Sun) 2:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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