Boys and girls, you better watch out! Santa Claus is coming to town with four specially-picked movies from around the world in this Christmas!

With the overwhelming responses from our annual "International Children's and Youth Film Carnival" in summer, this year we are presenting the first winter edition, "Christmas Family Screen 2017", from 23 to 31 December. Let's celebrate the festive season with four heartwarming international live-action features and animations from Finland, Peru, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Croatia.

Every child dreams of meeting tiny little friends like Gulliver travelling to the island of Lilliput. But in this cold winter you do not have to voyage across the ocean. Just stay home and welcome the McTinies family to be your guests like in Jill and Joy's Winter and enjoy an extraordinary Christmas party!

But wait, Christmas would not be Christmas without the Nutcracker! If you wish for a living toy for your Christmas present, meet Marie and Fritz in The Nutcracker Sweet and they will take you to the Kingdom of Dolls for a magical journey.

Are we talking too much about Christmas now? Have you ever heard of "Chalandamarz"? It is a traditional festival in the Swiss Alps. Kids chime the bells to mark the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Let's follow the Little Mountain Boy to the top of the snow mountain to search for the biggest swiss bell!

Looking forward to the gifts from Santa Claus? Keep an eye on your christmas stocking or it may be eaten by the Oddsockeaters! This sounds really odd but if you get to know Hugo, a small but brave oddsockeater, you will see their world from a different angle.

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