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Feature Films

Hello children, the summer holiday is here. It is time to put aside the tests for a time to relax. We have prepared a children's film carnival for your enjoyment.

Three years after the My African Adventure, the kids are back with My Canadian Adventure – The Quest for the Lost Gold. The young detectives Jerry and Maya from last year are back with JerryMaya's Detective Agency – Shadows of Valleby, trying to solve another mystery.

Watch out for our new friends this year include Felix who can shrink his principal in Help! I Shrunk My Teacher; both the Raven in Raven the Little Rascal – The Big Race and the six-year-old Villads are troublemakers. But we also get to know the friendly Molly Monster and Oddball the sheep dog, who are there to give a helping hand.

Amongst our new friends, Rik and his father are being investigated by their detective neighbour in Little Gangster; Max is preparing hard to audition for the part in Winnetou's Son. Cathy and Margaux are saving their duckling in Birds of Passage. Guaranteed to make this a fun filled summer holiday!

Youthful Encounters

Different people have different attitude towards competition. The elder sister in My Skinny Sister grows up under the expectations of her parents and coach, the "overdrive" quest for excellence has made her a loser in her health. On the other side, Jan and Karo join hands to face off adversary in Offline – Are You Ready for the Next Level?, picking up the pieces after losing the battle, turning a new page in life.

Who can be on the winning side forever? When you face adversaries, failures, instead of giving up and withdraw yourself, ask for your family and friends' help. When you look back at the road of coming of age, you would find the difficulties of those years were opportunities of self-discovery and growth.

Film Tunnel

Guess many people will remember the family teacher Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, this iconic actress of the 1960s musicals was already known for her part as a fairy nanny, singing and dancing with the children in Mary Poppins.

The film is adapted from the 1934 – 1988 serial novel by children's fiction writer P. L. Travers. Walt Disney had promised his two daughters to bring the story to the big screen, but it took no less than 20 years before Disney could fulfil his promise due to Travers insist on the details. The 2014 film Saving Mr. Banks starring Tom Hanks is based on the story of making this film.

This box-office hit was a combination of animated special effects and live action. Nominated for 13 Oscars and won in five categories: Best Actress, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Film Editing and Best Special Visual Effects. A musical fantasy classic that became the Disney film with the most Oscar nominations and wins. The film is so enchanting that the master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had taken his children to see it three times!

World Animation & Shorts

The two programmes of this year's World Animation & Shorts are full of creativity and imagination.

We highlight 17 films from Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the USA, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. They are about family and friendship, and remind us the concerns about city and nature.

* Feature films curated and programme notes provided by Karen So
* Short films curated and programme notes provided by InD Blue


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