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Feature Films

A treasure trove of world cinematic delights awaits at this year's "International Children's Film Carnival"! Mees Kees returns by popular demand with Mister Twister on Stage, which sees MK and his adorable if not mischievous students again triumph over hurdles with a hearty dose of imagination and humour. In Jill and Joy, two sisters are whisked away on adventure after adventure jam-packed with fantasy and whimsy.

Do you treasure the time spent with your family and friends? For our title characters, family ties and friendship run deep, too. Gus finds an unlikely buddy in an ancient Egyptian prince in Dummie the Mummy, while Sammy in Raffi, a gold hamster, in My Friend Raffi. Loyalty and bravery personified, Gus and Sammy put their safety on the line and rush to the rescue of their friends in need.

Unfortunately for Shana and Lola, things aren't running so smoothly on the home front. Lola on the Pea begins with bitter grudges between a daughter and a mother but ends with sweet embraces of empathetic understanding. SHANA – The Wolf's Music charts the soul-searching of a grief-stricken girl who overcomes loss and pain to find resolution in music with the help of her teacher.

Obstacles are put in our way to build our character. True to the saying, the protagonists in Solan & Ludvig's Christmas and JerryMaya's Detective Agency – von Broms' Secret prove themselves to be a bastion of righteousness and bravery, averting a catastrophe and solving a crime intricately tied to a centuries-old mystery respectively.

Youthful Encounters

Growing up is a journey of mixed feelings and experiences – a good measure of doubt and pain tempered with a mighty dose of perplexity, regret and awakening; a passage of rite that every child has to go through before coming of age.

In To See the Sea, a camera's lens opens the young eyes of Tomas to the adult world, offering not only a daunting glimpse of reality beyond his imagination but also initiating a process of self-reflection that forces him to mature overnight, to forego his mischievous ways and brave the future with his family. Adults wage war and innocent children suffer. Still, too much innocence can be deadly. In Secrets of War, a little boy lets slip a secret with disastrous consequences. Director Dennis Bots (of Cool Kids Don't Cry fame) sets the story against the tumultuous times of WWII, crafting a thought-provoking tale – with a grown-up incarnation of Joep the bully in Cool Kids to boot! – that is sure to tug at the heartstrings.

In the adult world where gender stereotypes are still prevailing, few boys take up ballet and even fewer parents encourage their interest. In the documentary Ballet Boys, the camera tracks three aspiring young dancers who use ballet to combat social prejudice and win over their parents in their pursuit of becoming a principal dancer and making a name for themselves in the fiercely competitive world of ballet. Although the curtains have been drawn on this four-year chapter, their journeys are just beginning. Latest news and happenings of the three ballet boys are regularly posted on their Facebook page. And their compelling stories continue to inspire.

Film Tunnel

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been charming readers young and old all over the world for 150 years. First published in 1865, Lewis Carroll's ever-popular masterpiece continues to surprise and delight with its whimsical creatures and fantastical conceits. The story has been translated into over 125 different languages and spawned numerous film adaptations.

The selected version, Alice in Wonderland, for this screening is Walt Disney Productions' animated musical released in 1951. Despite being over 60 decades old, the film has a timeless appeal that speaks to, and thrills, cinema-goers in today's second golden age of 3D movies. Among its soundtrack of beautiful tunes is a title song that has since become a jazz standard and continues to exert influence nowadays.

2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece, with many celebratory events taking place worldwide. Join us in this screening of the literary classic to get into the enchanting spirit!

World Animation & Shorts

World Animation & Shorts returns this year with an array of visual treats!

Comprising 14 films from the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the two programmes, which come complete with interactive activities at intervals, are designed to inspire and entertain audiences with their myriad of eccentric characters – Crispy the Gingerbread Boy, Sandguy, the Ghost, Tetriminos, Witch and more – and their incredible adventures.

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