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Lady General Hua Mulan

Dir: Griffin Yueh Feng
Scrs: Ge Ruifen (aka Griffin Yueh Feng),
Anna Fei, Dong Qianli
Cast: Ivy Ling Bo, Chin Han, Yang Zhiqing, Chen Yanyan, Jing Miao
1964 / Colour / D Beta / Mandarin / Chi & Eng Subtitles / 99min

After Ivy Ling Bo’s legendary portrayal of Liang Shanpo in The Lover Eterne (1963) and the great popularity she aroused all over Hong Kong and Taiwan, she went on to play the part of Lady General Hua Mulan . Under the direction of Yueh, this film is not made as a war film full of pride, nor is it as meticulous as Li Hanhsiang's Huangmei Diao films. The adventures of Mulan is rendered an ordinary drama with tension and relaxation combining sobriety and humour. Mulan appeals to the audience as an amiable girl who is at once reasonable, sentimental, and gets along well with people. Ivy Ling Bo can both sing and dance, merging gentleness with masculine charm. She fits perfectly into the part of Mulan who is exactly a courageous lady that tries to disguise as a male. She was awarded the Best Actress in the Asian Film Festival. Ivy Ling Bo was later married to Chin Han, who played the handsome General Li Guang. The couple had a dress rehearsal of their marriage on screen!

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