Marine Ecological Tours

Beaches Exploration Tour Beaches Exploration Tour
Plenty of beautiful islands and beaches scatter in Sai Kung waters. They are inaccessible to conventional maritime transport particularly during low tide. The canoeing trip starts off from the Chong Hing Water Sports Centre to explore these uninhabited islands and remote beaches to help you get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and get closer to nature and wildlife.

Mangroves Tour at Sai KungMangroves Tour at Sai Kung
Mangroves are unique marine ecological features of tropical regions, where a rich diversity of life forms is nurtured. Coastal areas in Sai Kung such as Hoi Ha, To Kwa Peng, Chek Keng and Pak Tam Chung are the ideal sites for exploring mangroves. Up to eight species of mangroves can be found there. You can have a closer look at the forests in the water and its living creatures by canoeing from the Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre or Chong Hing Water Sports Centre. It really brings you a new experience of nature.

Eco-touring at Tai Tam HarbourEco-touring at Tai Tam Harbour
Setting off from the St. Stephen's Beach Water Sports Centre and paddling round the Radar Station at Wong Ma Kok, you will reach Tai Tam Bay. There, you will see the magnificent Red Hill Peninsula and the large eroded foundation rocks and caves formed as a result of the impact of sea waves over the years. You can also enjoy a distant view of the scenery of the southeast coast of Hong Kong Island. Paddling further into the Bay, you will find the only wetland on Hong Kong Island!

Eco-touring at Plover CoveEco-touring at Plover Cove
Located at Plover Cove in Tai Po, Ting Kok is the fourth largest mangrove site in Hong Kong. More than ten mangrove species grow there and it is one of the few sites in Hong Kong with a large population of Lumnitzera racemosa. It has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is popular for both teaching and research purposes. To visit this wetland by canoeing from the Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre not only allows you to enjoy the sport itself but also enables you to have a closer contact with nature.

Search for Corals Tour Search for Corals Tour
Most of Hong Kong's spectacular coral communities can be found in the eastern waters such as Hoi Ha Wan and along the coast of Tai Tan Hoi, where the water quality is better. This tour starts from the Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre to search for such amazing marine creatures.

Reference: Website of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department