Application Procedures


(1)  Places allotted by "Balloting"
  (1.1)  Submission of Application Form:
      Applicants should submit the application forms in person or by post to the Water Sports Centre (WSC) organising the activity or apply through the Internet (visit, click on the programme, and click “E-submission for balloting application” under the “Application Form” section on the Activity Page) or Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk on the specified date.
      For activities of the same type (e.g., all kayaking courses are considered to be activities of the same type, regardless of the type or the level of the course) organised by the same centre with the same enrolment period and with places allocated by ballot, applicants are only allowed to submit one enrolment form, in person or by post, to the WSC organising the programme.  For activities of the same type with different enrolment periods, or activities of different types, applicants shall submit separate enrolment forms.
      If applicants want to apply for activity at different WSCs organising the activity (e.g. kayak training courses at Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre, Wong Shek Water Sports Centre), they should submit separate forms to the respective WSC for separate balloting.
      Applicants who duplicate their enrolments or submit incomplete applications will be disqualified.
  (1.2)  Balloting, Posting of Results and Payment Settlement:
      Places are allotted by balloting which will be held on the specified balloting date after the closing date of application. The WSC will draw the list of successful applicants and the waiting list for the activities at the same time. All successful applicants and applicants on the waiting list will be informed of the details of arrangement by mail within 7 working days after balloting.
      Results of the successful applicants and the applicants on the waiting list will be posted in the respective WSCs and LCSD homepage 5 days after balloting.
  (1.3) Successful applicants must bring along their notification letters, identification documents (original or copy), proof of the required water sports qualification (if applicable) and entry fees to any WSCs / District Leisure Services Offices (DLSO) / recreation and sports venues with Leisure Link Services/ Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk for enrolment (for details, please refer to the notification letters)
  (1.4)  Enrolment procedure for the applicants on the waiting list:
      Waiting list will be drawn up for all water sports activities. No priority number will be assigned to the applicants on the waiting list.
      If places are available after the payment due date for successful applicants, these places will be opened for all the applicants on the waiting list for enrolment within specified period at any WSCs, all DLSOs or Leisure Link outlets on a “First-come-first-served”basis.
  (1.5)  Date of Open Enrolment for Remaining Quota:
      If there are still places after the enrolment period for the applicants on the waiting list, these places will be opened to the general public on the "Date of Open enrolment for Remaining quota" starting from 8:30am, via the following means, for enrolment on a first-come-first-served basis
  Enquiries about the balloting result and the remaining quota arrangement may be directed to respective WSCs organizing the activity.
(2)  Places allotted on a "First-come-first-served" basis
  (2.1)  Enrolment in person at any WSCs, DLSOs or any recreation and sports venues with Leisure Link Services
      Applicants should return the completed application forms and proof of the required water sports qualification (if applicable), together with their entry fees, to any WSCs / DLSOs / recreation and sports venues with Leisure Link Services on the date(s) of enrolment.  Applications will be processed until all the quotas are filled.  At the time of enrolment, Hong Kong residents should produce their Hong Kong Identity Cards, children aged below 11 could also produce Birth Certificate / Document of Identity for Visa Purposes / HKSAR Re-entry Permit / One-way Permit.  Non-Hong Kong residents should produce their valid travel documents (e.g. Passport, Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao) (original or copy) for verification.
      Unless otherwise stated, each applicant may only submit one application form at one time. Those who want to enroll in more than one activity must queue up again.
  (2.2)  Enrolment by mail
      An applicant should mail the completed application form and a copy of the required water sports qualification (if applicable), together with a crossed cheque payable to 'The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region', copies of his/her identity documents (for verification only) and a stamped return envelope to the WSCs organising the activity at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of the activity.  Enrolment will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis.  For applications received on the same day, priority will be accorded to the applicants who make the enrolment in person.  Remaining quota will be allocated by balloting to the mail applications if applications exceed the quota.
      To submit application by post, please make sure that all mail items bear sufficient postage.  This Department will not accept any underpaid mail items and such items will be handled by the Hongkong Post.  For calculation of postage, please refer to the Hong Kong Post’s website (
  (2.3)  Enrolment through Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk
      During the period of enrolment, applicants may enrol in the activities through a Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk.
  (2.4)  On-line enrolment via Leisure Link Internet Booking
      Applicants may enrol in activities through the Leisure Link e-Services System or its mobile version (Webpage: starting from 8:30 am on the first day of enrolment.
Remarks: Non-Hong Kong residents holding valid travel documents wish to make enrolments through self-service channels (i.e. internet booking service and Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk) for the recreation and sports programme, they must apply for registration as a Leisure Link Temporary Patrons in person at the Leisure Link Services Centre at the Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building.