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Botanical Name Sophora japonica var. pendula
Common Name Weeping Japanese Pagoda Tree
Chinese Name 龍爪槐
Family Fabaceae (Papilionaceae)
Genus Sophora
Weeping Japanese Pagoda Tree can grow up to 4 m tall. It has an upright trunk and curved, drooping twigs. The leaves are odd-pinnately compound, with thickly membranous leaflets that are long ovate, pointed-tipped and entire-margined. The flowers are terminal, milky-white or pale yellow with a butterfly-shaped corolla, and grow in a panicle. The fruits are indehiscent legumes that resemble strings of beads. The plant flowers in summer and autumn.

The tree is a variant of Pagodatree, which originates from the temperate regions of north and west China.
(Translated from Tsung-Hsien Hsueuh and T.Y. Aleck Yang's The Scenic Plants in Taiwan )
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