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Botanical Name Ravenala madagascariensis
Common Name Traveller's Tree
Chinese Name 旅人蕉
Family Strelitziaceae
Genus Ravenala
Traveller's Trees are an evergreen palm-like herb with a woody trunk of 5 to 6 m tall (up to 30 m for those found in their place of origin). The leaves are oblong, up to 2 m long and 75 cm wide, musa-like in 2 ranks towards the top of stem, giving the plant a fan-shaped appearance. The inflorescences are axillary, and on each side of the rachis are 5 to 6 spathes, each 25 to 35 cm long and 5 to 8 cm wide, with 5 to 12 flowers arranged in scorpioid cymes. The sepals are lanceolate, leathery, 20 to 21 cm long and about 12 mm wide; the petals are similar to the sepals, with the one in the middle narrower than the others; the stamens are linear, 15 to 16 cm long, with the anther twice the length of the filament. The fruits are 3-valved capsules; the seeds are kidney-shaped, 10 to 12 cm long, 7 to 8 mm wide, covered in a blue lacerate aril. Flowering takes place in autumn.
(Translated from Flora of Guangdong )
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