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Botanical Name Plumeria rubra
Common Name Frangipani
Chinese Name 雞蛋花
Family Apocynaceae
Genus Plumeria
Frangipani is a small deciduous tree with thick, glabrous and slightly fleshy branches. Its thick, papery leaves are oblong and oblanceolate, measuring 14 to 40 cm long and 6 to 11 cm wide, mostly grow clustered at the end of branches. Arranged in cymes, the flowers are glabrous. The corolla is white on the outside and yellow on the inside, with tinges of red on the outside of the corolla tube and the left of the corolla lobe’s outer surface. The fruits are oblong follicles growing in pairs, containing flatly oblong seeds with oblong, membranous wings on the top. The plant blooms from March to September and fruits from July to December.
(Translated from Flora of Guangdong )
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