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Botanical Name Elaeocarpus hainanensis
Common Name Hainan Elaeocarpus
Chinese Name 水石榕
Family Elaeocarpaceae
Genus Elaeocarpus
Hainan Elaeocarpus is a small tree with glabrous branchlets that can grow up to 5 m tall. The narrowly lanceolate or oblanceolate leaves grow clustered at the end of twigs. Leathery and glabrous, they have cuneate bases, acuminate apices and denticulate margins. The inflorescence is an axillary raceme of 2 to 6 flowers with white petals as long as the sepals. The plant flowers from June to July. It fruits from July to September, bearing spindle-shaped drupes with hard endocarps.
(Flora of Hong Kong )
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