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Botanical Name Delonix regia
Common Name Flame Tree
Chinese Name 鳳凰木
Family Caesalpiniaceae
Genus Delonix
Flame Tree is a large deciduous tree that can reach a height of more than 20 m, supported by buttress roots at the base of the trunk. It has a rough, greyish brown bark and numerous wide-spreading branches. Its leaves are bipinnate, 20 to 60 cm long and composed of 15 to 20 pairs of opposite pinnae 7 to 15 cm long, each further divided into 10 to 25 pairs of pinnules. The 5-petalled flowers, arranged in racemes 20 to 40 cm long, measure 7 to 10 cm in diameter and are scarlet with streaks of yellow and white featuring crisped margins. The calyx tube, shaped like a disc or top, splits into 5 valvate lobes that are green on the outside and red on the inside. The amphitropous and oblong seeds, approximately 1.5 cm long and 7 mm wide, are yellow in colour with brown patches. Flowering is from June to July and fruiting is from August to October.
(Translated from Flora of Guangdong )
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