Cinnamomum camphora


OVT Registration NoLCSD CW/66
Botanical Name:Cinnamomum camphora
Common Name:Camphor tree

Camphor tree is a large evergreen tree growing in provinces and regions in southern and southwestern China, as well as Vietnam, the Korean Peninsula and Japan.  It has also been introduced and cultivated in other countries.  Camphor tree is mainly found in evergreen broad-leaved forests or thickets, and also in feng shui woods.

The yellowish-brown bark has irregular longitudinal fissures.  Both the wood and the leaves bear the camphor scent.  Camphor and camphor oil, which are used as medicine and fragrance, can be extracted from the roots, stems and leaves.    The wood has a variety of uses including shipbuilding and construction.

This century-old camphor tree is 18 m tall with a crown spread of 16 m and a DBH of 1 460 mm.

Location: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, near the octagonal pavilion

Photo :

Cinnamomum camphora Cinnamomum camphora Cinnamomum camphora Ziziphus mauritiana

(Translated from Hong Kong Old and Valuable Trees)