Elaeodendron orientale


OVT Registration NoLCSD CW/52
Botanical Name:Elaeodendron orientale
Common Name:False Olive

False Olive may be a shrub or a tree.  It is indigenous to Mauritius and is seldom introduced or cultivated in other places.

Rarely seen in Hong Kong, False Olive is an ideal choice for pavement and garden planting due to its elegant appearance, glossy leaves and dense foliage.

Over 100 years old, this historic tree has a height of 17 m, a crown spread of 14 m and a DBH of 900 mm.

Location: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, near the Menageries


Elaeodendron orientale Elaeodendron orientale Elaeodendron orientale

(Translated from Hong Kong Old and Valuable Trees)