Agathis dammara


OVT Registration NoLCSD CW/49
Botanical Name:Agathis dammara
Common Name:Queensland Kauri

Dammar Pine is an evergreen coniferous tree native to Australia.  After being introduced to Hong Kong, the tree has been growing well here.

Dammar Pine is a rare species in Hong Kong.  It has a reddish-brown trunk which is smooth and straight.  The scaly bark, yellow brown to grey brown in colour, flakes off easily.  Possessing a dense, conical crown, the strong yet graceful evergreen tree is ideal for planting at entrances in pairs, as a solitary plant in courtyards or in rows in front of memorial buildings.  It is also suitable for growing in groups or scatteringly on lawns and slopes.

This century-old tree is about 24 m tall with a crown spread of about 14 m and a DBH of around 782 mm.

Location: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, near the Menageries


Agathis dammara Agathis dammara Agathis dammara Agathis dammara

(Translated from Hong Kong Old and Valuable Trees)