Rhododendron Garden



The family Ericaceae contains more than 3 500 species in about 50 genera.  Distributed all over the world, plants in this family are mostly evergreen or deciduous shrubs and seldom trees.  They have simple, alternate leaves and bisexual, radially symmetrical flowers that produce capsule fruits.

Rhododendron is a major genus in the Ericaceae family.  Among the 10-odd species of Rhododendron in this garden are native wild plants such as Red Azalea (Rhododendron simsii), Lovely Azalea (R. pulchrum), Purple Azalea (R. pulchrum var. phoeniceum) and White Azalea (R. mucronatum).  Rare species such as Yellow Azalea (R. molle) and Westland’s Rhododendron (R. moulmainense) can also be found here.

Rhododendrons usually flower in early spring between March and April.  Red Azalea has the reddest and brightest flowers among all species.

Rhododendron Garden