Black crowned crane

Balearica pavonina

Class Aves   Balearica pavonina
Order Gruiformes
Distribution Shallow wetlands, grasslands and near croplands of dry savanna
Habitat Sub-Saharan Africa
Conservation Status Listed under Appendix I of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
Behaviour Adults – black body, white wings with feathers ranging from white to brown to gold, head topped with stiff golden feathers, red and white cheek patches (varying among subspecies), small red gular sac, black legs and short gray bill. Juveniles – blackish feathers, cinnamon-brown head, no cheek patches, and a spiky and dull gold crown. The call of the black crowned crane, “honk” and “ka-wonk ka-wonk ka-wonk”, is generally low-pitched and mellow. It can be found in shallow wetlands and grasslands. It is also known to roost in trees.