The keeping of wild animal exhibits in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens can be traced as early as in 1876. At that time, birds and mammals were kept in small numbers in very primitive structures purely for entertainment purposes. 
Following the major expansion in the mid-1970s, emphasis were then directed to the techniques in captive breeding and conservation breeding programmes. Today, our mission is developed to guide the activities for zoological collection:-  
(a) To foster an understanding of and appreciation for all living things through education, conservation, research programmes and exhibition; and
(b) To develop appreciation for the interdependence of nature.
At present, about half of the Garden's land is dedicated to the keeping of zoological exhibits. About 160 birds, 70 mammals and 30 reptiles are being housed in about 40 enclosures.
Mammals   Birds
Bornean Orang-utan   American Flamingo
Buff-cheeked Gibbon   Bali Mynah
Emperor Tamarin   Hawaiian Goose
Golden-headed Lion Tamarin   Red-crowned Crane
Ring-tailed Lemur   Blue Crane
Siamang   Old German Owl-Cream Bar Shield
Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth   Silver Pheasant
White-faced Saki   Wood Duck
Black and White Ruffed Lemur   Old German Owl-Red Bar Shield
De Brazza’s Monkey   Red-billed Hornbill
Common Squirrel Monkey   Scarlet Ibis
Meerkat   Old German Owl-Brown Bar Shield
Golden Lion Tamarin   Maroon-breasted Crowned Pigeon
Cotton-top Tamarin   Yellow-casqued Hornbill
Asian small-clawed otter   Old German Owl-Black Bar Shield
    Blacksmith Plover
Reptiles   Black-throated Laughing Thrush
Radiated Tortoise   Sacred Ibis
Spurred Tortoise   Torre's Strait Pigeon
    Speckled Pigeon
    Common Shelduck
    Blue-eared Glossy Starling
    Blue and Yellow Macaw
    Blue-crowned Pigeon
    Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot
    Black-faced Spoonbill
    Black crowned crane
    Nicobar pigeon
    Toco Toucan
    Red billed toucan (White-throated toucan)
    Great white pelican