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2018 May

LCSD launches new anti-touting measures

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (May 31) announced the implementation of two more new measures to combat touting activities.
     Starting from June 20, members of the public will no longer be allowed to book the department's fee-charging leisure and sports facilities on behalf of another person using a copy of other's identity document at Leisure Link booking counters in leisure venues or District Leisure Services Offices. The new measure aims to prevent "queuing gangs" from abusing the existing arrangement. Hirers will have to produce their original identity documents when making a booking at any booking counter. They may also choose to use the Leisure Link e-Services System (LLES) or the self-service kiosks to book the facilities.
     The department will also launch on the same day (June 20) the Turf Soccer Pitches Balloting Pilot Scheme in response to strong public demand for turf soccer pitches. Sessions at turf soccer pitches will be allocated by balloting while the remaining sessions will be available for booking after the deadline on a first-come, first-served basis, with a view to providing a fair and impartial booking mechanism.
     Under the pilot scheme, registered Leisure Link patrons can submit their balloting applications for turf soccer pitches (except multi-purpose turf pitches) through the LLES. Patrons can enquire about sessions at turf soccer pitches available for balloting on the 15th day from the day of checking. They can then submit their balloting applications on the following day. For example, patrons can check on July 1 the sessions available at turf soccer pitches on July 15 through the LLES and then submit their balloting applications on July 2. Each Leisure Link patron can only apply for one session of turf soccer pitch on each balloting date. Sessions will be allocated by computer balloting on the day following the application deadline. Successful applicants will receive an email notification in the morning of the balloting day and should confirm the booking with payment through the LLES by the deadline (i.e. 11pm on the following day of balloting). Any sessions on hold without payment confirmation and other remaining sessions will be made available for booking after the deadline through various Leisure Link booking channels within 10 days on a first-come, first-served basis.
     For the balloting procedures of the pilot scheme and information on the turf soccer pitches available for balloting, please visit the LCSD webpage or call the enquiry hotline at 2679 6822.
     Members of the public who are interested in booking turf soccer pitches are urged to register as Leisure Link patrons as soon as possible. Applicants may register online, at Leisure Link Self-service Kiosks or in person at the Leisure Link Services Centre with their Hong Kong Identity Card. They may also apply by sending a completed application form by post or by fax. For detailed information, please visit the LCSD webpage.
     A spokesman for the LCSD said that the department will continue to monitor the situation and introduce more anti-touting measures when necessary.
Ends/Thursday, May 31, 2018
Issued at HKT 12:00