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EdUHK e-Orch
Ripples in the Rain (World Premiere) Fung Tsz-ching Sharon
Conductor: Chan Chun-yin
Pandemic Voice Call (World Premiere) To Kiu-fung
HKYCO Ensemble
Undulating Waves in the Wheat Fields Wang Guotong & Li Xiuqi
HKYCO Ensemble and EdUHK e-Orch
The Ride of General Che (World Premiere) Leung Chi-hin
Music Office Percussion Ensemble
Technology Jim Casella
Snow / Byakko Hiroyuki Yamazawa
Music Office Percussion Ensemble and EdUHK e-Orch
Reimagining Kowloon City (World Premiere) Leung Chi-hin
Conductor: Dr. Leung Chi-hin
The Music Office reserves the right to change the programme and artists.