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Recruitment for 2022/23 Instrumental Music Training Scheme


Elementary Year-1 Courses

(Application closed on 5 August 2022, links to information for applicants’ use only)

    • Two-year elementary instrumental music training courses complete with musicianship training, suitable for young people with no instrumental experience.
    • Weekly one-hour group lessons are conducted in Cantonese at a designated music centre.
    • Annual Tuition fees - HK$1,836 for Year-1 courses and HK$2,244 for Year-2 courses, are payable in 4 instalments.

🢂 Instrumental Music Training Scheme Profile
🢂 Check on Application Results 
(Applicant can enter our on-line application system from 15 October 2022 onwards by this link to check on admission results)
🢂 Recruitment pamphlet [For reference only]
🢂 Enquiries
Statistics from past recruitments have reflected a higher admission rate for the following instrumental classes: Viola, Double Bass, Suona, Sheng, Zhongruan, Sanxian, Percussion (Chinese), Cello (Chinese Music), Double Bass (Chinese Music), Bassoon, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba and Euphonium.