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This library serves the teaching and training needs of the Music Office. Among 13,000 score collection, about 5,600 are orchestra and band scores along with some 6,000 solo, ensemble, and instrumental training materials. Our score catalogue is now available on the internet. Schools and non-profit making organizations are welcome to share our lush reserves for reference --- it is free!


Loan regulations and procedures:

  • Schools and non-profit making organizations only. An application form must be signed by a responsible person of the institution and stamped with office chop. The completed application form can be sent to the Music Office Library by fax or in person (Fax no.: 2824 3491). Applicants will then be contacted by phone after approval to call at our Office for the loan.
  • When an organization representative receive the loan, it should be inspected instantly. A confirmative signature for good-conditioned loan is required. The same applies after inspection by our library staff upon return.
  • First-time applications of non-profit making organizations should produce copies of their Registration Certificate and Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association or Ordinance or Trust Deed which should specifically provide that members do not take any share of the profits or any share of the assets upon dissolution.
  • An institution may borrow up to two items during any loan period. All items on loan must be returned within 14 days.
  • In case any borrowed item is damaged or lost, the borrower must compensate the Music Office for such in accordance with charges demanded.


Music Office Library


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