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School Music Workshops

Check out the varied music activities for students!

Music Office presents the School Music Workshops through four themes, “Music New Horizon”, “Online Programme”, “Jazz Hub” and “I’m a Fine Music DJ”, offering a range of activities including themed talks, ensemble playing and online music programmes.  Online (by Zoom) or face-to-face options will be offered in some of the activities to provide flexibility for schools and follow the anti-epidemic measures.

Pamphlet (Chinese Only)
Application Form

Application Method

Interested schools may send the completed Application Form via email or fax to the Activities and Promotion Section of the Music Office on or before 21 October 2022.  All workshops are free and will be conducted in Cantonese.  Oversubscribed applications will be processed by ballot.  Successful applicants will be approached to confirm the arrangements of the Workshop(s).  Application received after the deadline will be put to a waiting list.

Fax: 3104 1352
Enquiry: 2158 6466 / 3842 7776

Music Office reserves the right to change the programme and speakers

“Music New Horizon” Workshop


Date November 2022 – March 2023 
Duration 1 hour
Venue  Campus of the participating schools or online (Zoom)
Target Primary and Secondary students (Please refer to the suggested target participants specified for each activity)
No. of participants 150 – 200


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Workshop 1 Musical 101
  Suitable for Primary 4 – Secondary 3 students


The speakers will introduce the history of musical theatre, share the favourite musical theatre hits including classics from local and overseas’ musicals and guide students how to appreciate musicals, an art form that integrates music, drama and dance.


Margaret Cheung
Musical actress and Singing coach
Seth Chan
Artistic director and Co-founder of Musical Trio,
Musical actor
Melodee Mak
Musical actress and Singing coach

Workshop 2 iJam music composition
  Suitable for Primary 4 – Secondary 6 students


You can make your own music!  Get to know the basic elements of pop music and then you can create your own work by the online application in a tablet anytime, anywhere!


Yanny Leung
Indie singer-songwriter
Summer Tso
Indie singer-songwriter

Workshop 3 Stay musically intelligible!
  Suitable for Secondary 1 – 6 students


Music and lyrics have to match perfectly in order to deliver the message as intended.  The speaker will share tips and tricks on making intelligible melodies ("啱音") through an array of choral and instrumental music works and how the constraints in Cantanese could inspire one’s creativity.


Prof. Chan Kai-young
Assistant Professor, Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong-based Composer

Workshop 4 The Little Secrets of the Great Composers (New)
  Suitable for Primary 4 – Secondary 3 students


By “revealing” the little secrets of the composers, the speaker will guide the students to understand the composers and appreciate their work in an interesting approach.


Dr. Wendy Wong
Lecturer at HKU SPACE Community College and Historical Musicologist

Online Programme


Programme release date November 2022 – March 2023
Broadcast channel  Music Office YouTube channel



Programme 1 My Main Stage x MO Music Production House
  Suitable for Secondary 1 – 6 students
  4 episodes (15 – 30 mins each)


The highly sought-after music producer and director Mr. Chiu Tsang-hei will talk about the development of creative music industry in Hong Kong, the process of music-making, production and marketing, alongside guest live performance in each episode.  Interested schools can nominate 2 to 4 students to join an online interview with Mr. Chiu and get the first-hand information of how to be a professional musician towards the end of the talk.


Chiu Tsang-hei
Highly sought-after music producer and music director

Programme 2 Music talk – Close Encounter to Traditional Japanese Music
  Suitable for Primary 4 – Secondary 6 students
  4 episodes (10 – 15 mins each)


Prof. Pak Tak-wan will guide students to discover the traditional Japanese culture through live music demonstration of the traditional Japanese musical instruments.  Let’s join a virtual music tour!


Prof. Pak Tak-wan
Head of Academic Studies in Music, School of Music,
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

“I’m a Fine Music DJ” Workshop


Target Suitable for Primary 4 – Secondary 6 students
Date November 2022 – March 2023
Duration 1 hour
Venue Campus of the participating schools or online (Zoom)
No. of participants 150 – 200


Professional radio presenters from Radio 4 of the Radio Television Hong Kong will share the work of classical music DJ and introduce the Chinese and Western music to students.  Apart from music appreciation, students will also learn and experience how to be a Fine Music DJ.



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“Jazz Hub” Music Experience Scheme


Programme will be conducted in two phases 
Suitable for Primary 4 – Secondary 6 students


Speaker and Tutor
Anna Fan
Jazz Drummer


Phase 1 Jazz appreciation workshop

Conducted by Ms. Anna Fan, professional jazz percussionist, this engaging workshop starts with an introduction of the development of jazz music, followed by live demonstration and engaging activities which students are able to feel the rhythm and acquire performance techniques of jazz music.  


Date November 2022 to March 2023
Duration 1 hour
Venue Campus of the participating schools or online (Zoom)
No. of participants 150 – 200


Phase 2 Jazz ensemble training (School orchestral/band members who attended the Phase 1 workshop by February 2023 and passed the selection by the guest speaker)

Selected school orchestral/band members will receive on-the-spot coaching from the speaker.  Apart from learning the jazz articulations and styles, members will join hands to perform tuneful jazz excerpts in the final session.


Date November 2022 to March 2023
Duration 7.5 hours in total, preferably in 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each
Venue Campus of the participating schools or online (Zoom)
Equipment required Participating schools have to provide piano and jazz drum set
No. of orchestral/band members Around 10 – 15 (3 - 4 nominations for each section are preferred)
Instruments/Parts Rhythm Section (Percussion / Guitar / Piano / Bass / Double Bass)
Wind Section (Woodwind / Brass instruments)
String Section
Enrolment requirements
Instrumental sections – School orchestral/band members should have a minimum of 3-year study on the designated musical instrument, or have attained ABRSM Grade 3, or equivalent
Voice – Prior singing experience is preferred


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