Music Office Expert Advisers

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Period of Service

From 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2025 

Terms of Reference

To provide professional advice to the Music Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on matters pertaining to the strategic planning and organization of music training programme and music activities

List of Advisers

Prof. CHAN Wing-wah, JP
Mr. CHOR Kai-Hei
Ms. FOK Ka-man, Kathy
Ms. LAM Yee-wah, Evelyn
Prof. LEUNG Bo-wah
Dr. LO Hau-man
Prof. PAK Tak-wan, Christopher
Mr. TAI Kit-man
Mr. WU Ming-yiu, Dennis
Prof. YAN Huichang, SBS
Ms. ZHANG Chongxue

* Arranged in alphabetical order by name