'Rope Skipping for Fun' Fun Day

Benefits of Rope Skipping
Rope Skipping Safety Tips
Five Steps to Follow in Rope Skipping
  1. Choose a suitable rope
  2. Choose suitable sport shoes
  3. Do warm-up exercises before skipping
  4. Maintain proper postures
  5. Do cool-down exercises after skipping
Skills Recommendations
"Rope Skipping for Fun" Fun Day
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'Rope Skipping for Fun' Fun Day 

District Date & Time Venue Age of
Yuen Long 7/11/2020
Yuen Long
6+ 7/11/2020 info 2478 4342
Kowloon City 20/2/2021
Ho Min Tin Park
(Basketball Court)
All 6/1/2021 Graphics
2711 0541

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