Fitness Programmes for Children



I. Body weight of Hong Kong children
II. Why should we manage our body weight?
III. How to define overweight/obesity?
IV. How to avoid being overweight?
V. Guidelines on the amount of physical activity for children
VI. Physical activity and energy expenditure
VII. To Lead an active and healthy lifestyles
VIII. Simple circuit training
IX. Fitness training course for children
X. Virtual class for simple circuit training
XI. Download pamphlet of body weight management of children

IX. Fitness Training Course for Children 

Healthy Exercise for All Campaign 2020/2021 - Fitness Training Course for Children

DistrictEvent DateTimeVenueEnrolment DateEnquiryEnrolment Method
Sha Tin 20/6-8/8/2020
1200-1330 Ma On Shan Sports Centre 25/5-3/7-2020 2634 0111
1330-1500 25/5-3/7-2020


Points to Note:

  1. Entry Fee : $40(Concessionary Rate)
  2. Interested person aged 8-14 are welcome to join this programme. For enrolment of the programmes, full-time students and persons with disabilities can enjoy concessionary rate upon production of valid proof. Minders of persons with disabilities (limited to one minder) can also enjoy the concession.
  3. The announcement of the District Offices organising the activity shall prevail. Programme information is subject to change without prior notice. For details, please contact the respective District Office by telephone or see the notices on the notice board.

Enrolment Method:

Means the activity can be enrolled on a first-come-first served basis through the enrolment methods listed below:

  1. Enrolment in person at any District Leisure Services Offices or recreation and sports venues with Leisure Link Services
  2. Enrolment by mail
  3. Enrolment through Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk

 means the activity places will be allocated by balloting.

  • If there are still places after the enrolment period for the applicants on the waiting list, these places will be opened to the general public on the "Date of Open Enrolment for Remaining Quota" starting from 8:30am, via the following means, for enrolment on a first-come-first-served basis:
  • -District Leisure Services Offices
  • -Recreation and Sports Venues with Leisure Link Services
  • -Leisure Link Internet Booking
  • -Leisure Link Self-service Kiosks

means the activity also accepts on-line enrolment via Leisure Link Internet Booking on a first-come-first-served basis. Applicants may enrol in activities through the mobile Leisure Link e-service System or the Leisure Link website ( ) starting from 8:30am on the first date of enrolment.

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