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Guide To The Booking Procedure For Use Of Public Swimming Pools

This booking procedure is applicable to the booking of public swimming pools for competition and training as well as other sports activities.

Organisations eligible for priority booking

  One school year in advance
  Schools are allowed to block book sessions of the coming school year in advance for the period from September to mid-July of the following year. This arrangement only applies to sessions during normal school hours, i.e. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays; and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays (except Morrison Hill Swimming Pool, Kowloon Park Swimming Pool and Victoria Park Swimming Pool which are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays).
  Twelve-month in advance
  For swimming competitions / galas, the following users may submit the applications not more than twelve months in advance and before the closing days as stipulated in Booking Procedure below.
  (i) Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China;

  (ii) Relevant National Sports Associations (NSAs) and their affiliated clubs;

  (iii) Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation;

  (iv) District Sports Associations;

  (v) The Venue-based Lifeguard Clubs based at the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) swimming pools;
  (vi) Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) endorsed by the Social Walfare Department;
  (vii) Government departments; and
  (viii) Those supported by the LCSD or District Councils.
  Six-month in advance
  Bookings for organizing training by the above mentioned organisations or bona fide organisations, associations and corporations can be submitted not more than six months in advance and before the closing days as stipulated in Booking Procedure below. Applicants should provide the following documents-
  (i) Certificate of Business Registration; or

  (ii) Certificate of Incorporation under the Companies Ordinance; or

  (iii) Certificate of Registration of a Society under the Society Ordinance; and

  (iv) Proven track record in the development and promotion of the related sports.


  (i) In general, not more than four of 50-metre lanes in each pool complex may be allocated for block bookings for training purpose during swimming pool opening hours. During the two session breaks in a day (Please click here for Information of swimming pools), all swimming lanes and training pool will be open for organisation booking.

  (ii) The District Leisure Managers may exercise his/her discretion to increase/decrease the number of pools/lanes to be allocated for block booking based on the demand of the general public and training needs of the hirer.

Booking Procedure

A standard application form , should be used for block booking. Applicants are required to observe and adhere to the deadlines for submission of applications for block books of swimming pool facilities and send the application forms to the respective swimming pool offices according to the booking schedules stated below. The application will be processed according to the priority of applicant. If more than one application for the same session from applicants of the same priority are received, the allocation will be determined by ballot.

  One school year in advance
  Bookings for the coming school year should be made before 1 April of each year. Detailed booking procedure should be made reference to relevant Education Bureau Circular Memorandum for that school year.
  Twelve-month in advance
  Applications for swimming competitions / galas may be submitted not more than twelve months in advance. The closing date for receiving applications is as follows-
  (i) International Competitions: 6 months in advance

  (ii) Competitions organized by priority users: 5 months in advance

  (iii) Competitions organized by non-priority users(the organisations not listed in the above paragraphs): 3 months in advance
  Six-month in advance
  Applicants for organising trainings in public swimming pools may be submitted not more than 6 months in advance. The closing date for receiving of applications is as follows-
  (i) Priority users: 4 months in advance

  (ii) Non-priority users: 2 months in advance

Hire Charges

Use of recreation and sports facilities managed by the LCSD is subject to prior payment of the prescribed hire charges that can be obtained from swimming pool offices.

Cancellation of Booking

The hirer shall not cancel any confirmed booking unless the cancellation is deemed necessary and supported by strong and justifiable reasons. Notice of such cancellation is required to be given not less than 14 days prior to the date of use.

General Condition of Use

All hirers of public swimming pools shall observe the "Terms and Conditions of Hire of LCSD Public Swimming Pools" that can be obtained from swimming pool offices.

Breach of Conditions of Use

If the Hirer fails to observe the terms and conditions or violate any provisions in the Public Swimming Pools Regulation, the booking priority that the Hirer entitles to will be suspended for the next school year for schools and 3 months for other organisations. LCSD reserves the right to refuse the Hirer from using the facility or cancel the confirmed bookings. No refund of hire charges will be made if the refusal for use of facilities or cancellation of booking is caused by failure of Hirer to abide by the terms and condition of use or violation of any provisions in the Regulation.