“International Arts Carnival 2015” Supporting Programme – Hands of the Mermaid

“International Arts Carnival 2015” Supporting Programme – Hands of the Mermaid


21-22.7.2015 (Tuesday - Wednesday)
11am & 2:30pm
North District Town Hall Auditorium

(The four performances are sponsored by North District Council)

24-25.7.2015 (Friday - Saturday)
11am & 2:30pm
Tai Po Civic Centre Auditorium

Free admission

Enquiries: 2591 1340

Kids may learn sign languages with merman Toto in the adventure story.

This is an interactive children theatre of the adventure story of merman Toto. Little Mermaid exchanges her beautiful voice with legs from the Sea Witch and goes to see her beloved Prince. The Prince has married to someone else and Little Mermaid dissolves into foam ultimately. To prevent similar tragedies, the Marine Kingdom sets up many rules which annoys the naughty merman Toto. One day, Toto borrows the magic power from a young witch and travel back to the past ages to change their fate! What will happen… ….?

** Marine animal handicraft stalls outside the performing venues, come and join us making cute marine animal finger puppet toys!
Stall location:
Basketball court outside North District Town Hall
(11am-3:30pm on 21-22 July 2015)
Garden outside Tai Po Civic Centre
(11am-3:30pm on 24-25 July 2015)

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