Community Thematic Carnival Series 2017 - Shake ‘n Move Tai Po!

11.6.2017 (Sun)
3 – 6pm
Tai Po Hui Sports Centre
(6-7/F, Tai Po Complex)

Come join us for lots of dynamic performances, workshops & games

R & T (Rhythm & Tempo)

Tap and Beat – Tap Dance

An active professional tap dance company will demonstrate and introduce this rhythmic dance.

South China Athletic Association

Physical and Balance Challenge – Unicycling & Artistic Cycling

Its Cycling Team was established in 1920 and is now one of the largest cycling teams in Hong Kong. Over the years, it has produced many accomplished cyclists across different disciplines.

Steve & Friends

Perfect Match of Brazilian Martial Arts & Dance – Capoeira & Workshops

Steve Ng started learning capoeira in Brazil in 2001. He became the first senior capoeira instructor from Hong Kong in 2013. Steve has performed around the world and won numerous awards.

Juggling Home of Hong Kong

Enjoy the fun experience of Juggling – Juggling & Workshops

The professional jugglers have performed on TV. They will bring some unusual tricks with a contemporary feel.

The Lion Rocks!

Choreographers: Daniel Yeung, Mao Wei, Hugh Cho
Dancers: Mao Wei, Hugh Cho, Janet Wu, Soames Lee

A fascinating encounter that ingeniously explores the relationship between traditional lion dance and contemporary dance. Premiered in 2016 New Vision Arts Festival. With additional contemporary dance workshops.

Hong Kong Yo Yo Fan Club – Team Yo-Spinner

Enter the dazzling world of Yo Yo – Yo Yo Performance & Workshops

Founded in 1998, Team Yo–Spinner has a vast experience of performing.


A group of professionally trained dancers performs exciting Urban Dance. All members come from the Dance Society of the Education University of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club

Not a Child’s Game – Rope Skipping

Internationally awarded athletes with rich performance experience will perform some jaw-dropping tricks and interact with the audience. Demonstration session included.

New Asia Kung Fu Society

Make Friends with Kung Fu – Martial Arts

Formed in 1979 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the students and their master will perform martial arts with interactive session.

The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China

Elegant & Skillful Demonstration – Artistic Gymnastics

Aim to promote the development of gymnastics in Hong Kong, the Association has nurtured numerous elite gymnasts.

Strangers Crew

Exhilarating Hip-hop Battle

This award-winning group specializes in freestyle hip-hop and is very active in Hong Kong and beyond.


Parent-Child Movement Workshops

Based on the LifePulse curriculum created by Cloud Gate Dance School, Leap! was brought to Hong Kong by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation in 2009. TWGHs officially took over the operation in 2014. The programme maximizes the potential of human body as a vehicle to inspire the next generation to gain self-confidence, develop interpersonal skills and showcase creativity. Suitable for children aged 4-6 and their parents.

Interactive Games

Free play for children and the young-at-heart

Evergreen & Energetic MC

Wendy Hon

Additional Programme

"Easy Dance for All" Workshop

To encourage members of the public to do more physical exercise, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department invited the Hong Kong Dance Federation to choreograph “Easy Dance for All”, a piece made up of 5 sets of dance steps. Instructors from Hong Kong Dance Federation will lead participants in this workshop and they will have the chance to show what they have just learnt with the instructors and other dancers on the main stage.

Free Admission

Enquiries: 2591 1340

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