Cultural Exchange Liaison Office

About Us


Hong Kong is an international cultural metropolis with a distinct identity grounded in Chinese traditions and enriched by different cultures, where life is celebrated through cultural pursuit, and creativity is a constant driver of progress in the community.  The Cultural Exchange Liaison Office (CXLO) believes that fostering cultural exchange through collaboration with cultural organisations and institutions from the Mainland and around the world will help boost Hong Kong’s standing in the world cultural map.


  • To create an environment conducive to the diversified and balanced development of culture and the arts;
  • To provide artists and arts groups with opportunities to develop their artistic talents; and
  • To develop Hong Kong into a prominent hub of cultural exchanges.


  • To nurture and support local artists and arts groups by providing performance opportunities and organising cultural exchange activities outside Hong Kong;
  • To promote Hong Kong as a thriving cultural hub by presenting distinguished local artists and arts groups as well as high-quality local productions to the Mainland and world audience;
  • To draw international attention to and enhance appreciation of the achievement made by local artists and arts groups among audience outside Hong Kong; and
  • To enrich understanding of and inspire respect for world cultures in the community through collaboration with Consulates-General in Hong Kong.

Programme Proposals

The Department’s support to artists and performing arts groups may take the form of ‘Presentation by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’ or ‘Programme Sponsorship’ with non-profit-making cultural organisations.  Programme proposals are assessed according to criteria such as professional and artistic merit of the programme, audience appeal, relevant experience and ability of the organiser, overall programme balance, financial implications, technical viability and marketing consideration of the proposed programme.  Assessment of proposals is made at the Programme Meetings of the CXLO and recommendations will be submitted to the Art Form Panel on Festivals for comments.  Proposals would normally be processed 12 to 18 months ahead.  It would be difficult to consider proposals with less than six months’ notice.

Programme and Development Committee (PDC) / Art Form Panel (AFP)

Upon the recommendation of the Committee on Performing Arts, a Programme and Development Committee (PDC) supported by six Art Form Panels (AFP) was established.  The Programme and Development Committee (PDC) and Art Form Panels (AFP) are tasked to advise the LCSD on the strategies of performing arts programmes (local, Mainland and overseas), formulate structured and sustainable strategies in identifying and supporting the development of budding and small-scale performing arts groups.