18dART - Yuen Long

Yuen Long Yuen Long


‘Yuen Long Anew’ Theatre Project
The programme targets to the youth in Yuen Long district. Through systematic drama training and performances, as well as docent tours in various cultural landmarks in the district, the participants not only could develop their interest in theatre, but also learn to appreciate the natural landscape and the cultural characteristics of Yuen Long district.

Artistic Director: Chan Man-kong, Rensen
Arts Group: The Nonsensemakers

‘Dancing All Around Yuen Long’ Contemporary Dance Project
The programme aims to cultivate the interest in contemporary dance for teenagers and adults in the community, through a series of workshops and performances. Through interaction among local artists from different backgrounds, the project aims at shaping and exploring the unique artistic identity of Yuen Long district.

Artistic Director: Ma Choi-wo, Victor
Arts Group: Y-Space

Community Cultural Arts Programmes
To promote the development of arts in the community, a variety of cultural arts programmes including music, dance and Chinese opera are organised to bring performing arts into the community and enrich the cultural life of local residents.