Director's Foreword
2009-10 was an exciting but rewarding year for everyone in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Apart from the usual hectic and heavy duties and responsibilities, I should mention a few tasks which have helped boost the image and morale of the Department during the year. The first one was the 2009 East Asian Games (EAG) held in Hong Kong from December 5 to 13, 2009. 

Three months before the opening of the Games, which was also the time I joined LCSD, the majority of the public still seemed to be unaware of the EAG. But something miraculous happened after the Games started, and one after another. At the end, our athletes got a total of 110 medals, exceeding the total number of medals Hong Kong got in the last four EAGs. And the biggest surprise came when our soccer team won the Gold Medal on December 12, 2009. That was the day when the whole city was overjoyed because of the EAG. The medals won by Hong Kong athletes have given the EAG a perfect ending, making the slogan 'Be the Legend' come true.

Together with the second Hong Kong Games held in May 2009 and our athletes' achievements in the 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China in October 2009, the EAG have boosted the sporting atmosphere and renewed the community's support for sports in particular football. To further the community's participation in sports, LCSD has stepped up its efforts on all fronts by, for example, promoting 'Sport for All' through organising Sports For All Day and Corporate Games, expediting the provision of third generation artificial football pitches to support football development at all levels, as well as increasing the support for the National Sports Associations. 

On the cultural front, LCSD played an instrumental role in coordinating the participation of local arts groups/artists in the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. During the six months' Expo period, we have arranged some 40 cultural events in Shanghai involving 20 performing arts programmes and two visual arts exhibitions. Through these presentations, we have demonstrated to the world the cultural diversity and creative talent of Hong Kong's artists and performing groups. 

In February 2010, the Government announced that the public museums should continue to be managed by LCSD rather than by a statutory museum board. With this decision, we have mapped out a new direction for our museums with a view to revitalising their image and services, enhancing community participation, supporting audience building and nurturing local artists. Among the major exhibitions organised by LCSD during the year, the exhibition organised by the Museum of Art to honour the generous donations from the late master Wu Guanzhong has received overwhelming response and been extended two times to October 2010. 

At the time of writing, the Department has staged the animated version of the 'Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival' exhibition at the AsiaWorld-Expo. As the star exhibit of the China Pavilion of Expo 2010 Shanghai China, this animated painting was on display in Hong Kong from November 9 to 29, 2010. The exhibition has received overwhelming response from the public setting a number of ticket sales records for Hong Kong. Over 900 000 Hong Kong people and visitors were able to see the exhibit during the three-week exhibition period.

During the year, we continued to enhance our provision of leisure and cultural facilities by, for example, opening the Tung Chung Public Library, Tung Chung Man Tung Road Sports Centre, the Ma On Shan Promenade, and the Jordan Valley Park which features a radio-controlled model car racing circuit that meets international standards. We have also secured funding from the Legislative Council for the conversion of Yau Ma Tei Theatre and the Red Brick Building into a Xiqu Activity Centre, and for the construction of the Ko Shan Theatre Annex Building. We also celebrated past successes by organising a fun day in November 2009 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Looking ahead, LCSD will continue to make its best endeavour to provide quality leisure and cultural services for the community at large.  We pledge to be a responsive and creative department. 

Mrs Betty Fung
Director of Leisure and Cultural Services