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Programme Number (Class Code)

40633621 (KC0458)

Activity Name

Basketball TC for Women

Organized District

Kowloon City


29/07-31/08 Wed,Fri

Time (Time expressed in 24-hours format)



Hung Hom Municipal Services Building SC





Quota* (Places Left as 13/08)

Application is closed

Date of Enrolment (Balloting) {Open Enrolment for Remaining Quota}

25/05-31/05 (07/06) {29/06-05/08}

Enrolment Method

Notes on Enrolment

Booking Counter

Booking Offices with Leisure Link Services

Points to Note

Wear non-marking sports shoes

N/A: Not applicable
* means leaflets of the programmes concerned are available at the District Offices organizing the activity.

The information given above is extracted from the Leisure Link System of the LCSD. The data on “places left” is not real-time information, but is updated automatically three times a day at 4:00 am, 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. If you wish to check the latest enrolment information of a particular activity, please call the District Leisure Services Office organising the activity.
We will, on the 15th of each month, upload to this page information on leisure activities to be held one and a half months later (e.g. information on activities in July will be made available on 15 May).