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Activities from April to June 2020




All activities will be conducted in Cantonese and free of charge unless otherwise specified. All programmes are subject to change without prior notice.
Phone: 3580 6780



  • The Concept of Warfare in the Chinese Military in the Early Republican Era  (Cancelled)
  • Marriage Advertisements: The Romantic Life of Republican Women (Cancelled) 


  • Making a Painted Glass Compact Mirror (Programme of IMD 2020, HK) (Cancelled)
  • Making a Painted Silhouette Storage Box  (Cancelled)

Film Shows

  • The History of Hong Kong: To South They Descend
  • The History of Hong Kong: Trading North and South
  • The Grand Funeral (Cancelled)

Special Programmes

  • 2020 Community Cultural Ambassador – "Chinese Music Wave" Touring Concert cum Exhibition (Programme of IMD 2020, HK) (Cancelled)
  • "Revisiting Dr Sun Yat-sen's Youth Journey" Guided Tour (Cancelled)
  • Journey through the Development of the Early Chinese Community in Western District (Cancelled)