Dr Sun Yat-sen was a world-renowned revolutionary who devoted his entire life to overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and setting up the Republic of China. His achievements were recognised and admired not only by the local and overseas Chinese, but also by the global community. Dr Sun had a close relationship with Hong Kong, where he received his secondary and university education. Hong Kong was also the cradle of his revolutionary thoughts and uprising plans.


Opened to public in 2006, the four-storey Museum has a floor area of 2,560 square metres. The Museum has two permanent exhibitions displaying a number of precious historical artefacts. Supplemented by a wide range of audiovisual programmes, the Museum gives a comprehensive overview of the life and career of Dr Sun, and Hong Kong's vital role in the reform movements and revolutionary activities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum highlights Dr Sun's intimate connections with Hong Kong, so that local citizens and overseas tourists alike will be able to reminisce about the activities of this great Chinese statesman.





Dr Sun Yat-sen

Assessment Criteria for Acquisition of Collections


  • In line with the Museum's Collection Policy
  • Historical significance
  • Authenticity
  • Price
  • Physical condition
  • Durability
  • Rarity
  • Display value
  • Research value


Assessment Criteria for Public Programme Proposals


  • In line with the Museum's vision, mission and values
  • Concept and ideas
  • Historical / Cultural merits
  • Educational value
  • Financial and technical feasibilities
  • Public appeal
  • Presentation skills




We invite you to preserve Hong Kong's history and culture together with us by donating historical objects.


If you would like to make a donation, please furnish us with the information of the proposed donation in one of the following ways. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Telephone:   3580 6780

Fax:                3580 0548



Post:               Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, 7 Castle Road, Mid-Levels, Central (Please specify "Donation of Historical Object(s)" on the envelope.)


The Museum holds collection campaigns from time to time. Please check on our website for details.


*Assessment of the acquisition and programme proposals will be made at the Museum's Programme Meetings on a regular basis and in consultation with relevant Museum Expert Advisers as and when required.

Address: 7 Castle Road, Central District, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2367 6373
Fax: (852) 3580 0498
Group booking: (852) 3580 6780
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Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum Financial Figures for 2021/2022



I. Expenditure (in HK$)

Items in HK$
1. Salaries 3,618,347
2. Operating Costs 2,604,825
3. Electricity, Cleaning and Security 6,054,396
4. Publicity 203,028
5. Artefacts and Exhibitions 1,912,206
Total 14,392,802



II. Revenue (in HK$)

Items in HK$
1. Admission and Hiring 20,673
2. Other Revenue 49,456
Total 70,129



III. Attendance

Items Visitors
Attendance 47,386


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